Security Solutions

Moving workloads to the cloud drives business agility, but complicates network security. Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) cuts risk with dynamic unified access policies and controls that secure user-to-resource and resource-to-resource connections for any cloud configuration.

Cloaked Infrastructure

Makes your network invisible with single packet authorization (SPA).


Enforces principle of least privilege by only granting access to microsegmented resources

Identity Access Management

Able to cater to Human as well as Automated access requirements


Evaluates each users’ identity, device and contextual risk as criteria for secure access

Programmable and Adaptable

API-first technology easily integrates and enhances your existing architecture

Security Tools

Dconfiguration of AWS security services including, AWS CloudTrail, Amazon GuardDuty, AWS Config, AWS Security Hub, AWS WAF and more

Dynamic and Continuous

Monitors and modifies access automatically based on context and risk changes


Single Terraform provider enables simplified automation across multi-cloud environment

Compliance Services

Enterprise-class security and compliance across services such as AWS Cloud HSM, AWS IAM, AWS Certificate Manager, and other compliance related services


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