Security as a Service

Security as a service (SECaaS) allows companies to use an external provider to handle and manage cybersecurity. 

Our Features

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust is a security model centered on the idea that access to data should not be solely made based on network location. It requires users and systems to strongly prove their identities and trustworthiness, and enforces fine-grained identity-based authorization rules before allowing them to access applications, data, and other systems.

Compliance with Federal and Commercial Compliance standards.

Automation of Baseline Configurations, including the baseline infrastructure, end host configurations, cloud-native services, and third-party security features.

Encryption of Data at Rest uses built-in cloud and third-party solutions and full volume encryption of cloud storage to protect data from unintentional disclosure and malicious activity.

Network Traffic Inspection offers in-line packet inspection and passive Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) decryption for traffic into and out of the cloud, as well as between cloud nodes, to detect and block intrusions and other malicious traffic.

Log Aggregation, Dashboards, and Reporting collects and analyzes security events and configurations from network appliances, cloud infrastructure, operating systems, and applications to support security operations, auditing, and reporting.

Identity and Authentication Services integrates with public key infrastructure (PKI) to support smart card and multifactor authentication for hosted applications and management functions.

Cloud Security

Stop cloud breaches with unified cloud security posture management and breach prevention for multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Security and Posture Management

Visualize, automate, manage, and remediate security and compliance

Unified Cloud Security

Comprehensive, unified, and elastic network and workload security

Cloud Security Intelligence

Advanced cloud intelligence, threat hunting, and forensics

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